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All of our rattan garden furniture is weatherproof, and so you can browse the entire range knowing you’re looking at a quality product.

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weatherproof rattan garden furniture

About Weatherproof Rattan Garden Furniture – Aluminium Framed + UV Stabilized

Learn more about our range, including the properties that make rattan weatherproof below.

What makes this rattan furniture weatherproof?

This is high quality, synthetic wicker furniture, not the hard plastic shell that you might see at cheaper outlets, and it offers you many time and money-saving qualities.

First, it’s UV stabilized, which means that the threads have been treated to withstand the damage from the sun, preventing fading and keeping your set strong and looking new for years to come.

weatherproof rattan garden chairs

The frame is also made from strong aluminium, which physically cannot rust, meaning it will survive the winter without degrading and falling apart.

weatherproof rattan sofa set

Fake wicker or fake rattan furniture is very weatherproof, much better than just “weather resistant” because it’s built to withstand any weather conditions for many years, and often comes with a guarantee.

Can you leave this furniture outside all year round?

Yes you can leave this rattan garden furniture outside all year round, because it is made from high quality weatherproof materials. You must store the cushions indoors however.

Do you have waterproof cushions?

No we do not stock waterproof cushions, as we believe the feel of them isn’t very nice to a luxurious outdoor set, and so we stock the non-waterproof softer cushions.

Is my rattan furniture already weatherproof?

You can try and find out if your furniture is already weatherproof by testing the weight first. Usually aluminium is lighter than steel (and steel will rust, so is not weatherproof) so a good test is to try and lift a chair with one hand. If it’s ridiculously heavy, you most likely have a steel frame in there.

Another way is to check the manufacturer’s website, to look for mentions of UV stabilized rattan, as this is the treatment that ensures it won’t rot or fade.

weatherproof rattan dining set

How can I weatherproof my furniture?

It’s difficult to weatherproof existing rattan furniture, as the frame is impossible to change and that determines part of the weatherproofing. For other types of furniture, you can try a weather-resistant paint or treatment.

Is this the same as natural rattan/cane furniture?

No this is not the same. Natural cane furniture or traditional rattan is based from a plant, that often creakes when you sit on it, traditionally used in conservatories during the late 20th century.

This is modern synthetic plastic wicker / rattan, made from high quality plastics and hand woven around an aluminium frame.

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